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YouTube Provides Insights Into Key Consumption Trends

YouTube has launched its yearly Culture & Trends report that looks at how creators are using groundbreaking tools and technologies to take pop culture in an exciting new direction.

Interesting: The study shows how people experience contents in a multiformat way: key to this dimensionalized fandom [on Creators] is the growth of formats beyond long-form, most notably short-form but also livestreams and podcasts. Creators have embraced storytelling across these offerings, which lets audiences personalize their consumption even further: 87% of people have watched at least 4 of the content formats that YouTube offers over the past 12 months - including long- and short-format video, podcast, Stories, …

YouTube has identified four major subtopics of note for upcoming trends brands and creators can jump on.

  • Widespread online personalization – New creative tools and formats have increased viewer expectations around experiences that are more customized to their interests.

  • Mainstream casual creativity – Along the same line, viewers are also adopting different levels of engagement, and creators should be working to invite variable fan experiences.

  • Content experiences built for viewers – Creators should also be looking to diversify their outputs to meet different audience demands, like podcasts, Shorts, live, etc.

  • AI-enabled creative possibility – New creative tools enable new levels of audience participation, which also provide new opportunities for creators to spark trends.

You can download the whole report at Youtube.

1 result on 1 page