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About these weird stitched together videos on TikTok

Is it the ultimate hack or boredom?

Have you seen these weird, randomly stiched together videos on TikTok?

People on TikTok have realised that literally everybody who uses it have really short attention spans and get bored super easily. To “keep people engaged” they put 2 or more videos together with the audio being part of the “main content” while the other one or two videos are there to keep them entertained so they don’t immediately scroll down and ignore their content.

Another user in the thread commented that people’s attentions were getting shorter because of the internet, which may explain the weird videos. To which a third user made an equally good point: “It's more likely content creators are too lazy/struggling to make interesting content so they resort to cheap tricks like that.”

Two monitors Perfect!

/ topic via reddit, image via @wildtiktokss

1 result on 1 page