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  • TikTok’s Rise as a Discovery Platform [Infographic] / #

    While TikTok has become a key platform for entertainment, it’s also increasingly becoming a destination for discovery, with more and more people now turning to app to learn more about products, trends and more.

  • "Berlin Insta Girls": Sexy Bots auf Instagram / #

    Die »Berlin Insta Girls« sind auf Instagram derzeit allgegenwärtig. Sie locken mit sexy Fotos, sind aber offensichtlich keine echten Hauptstadt-Influencerinnen, sondern KI-generiert.

  • Readers Absolutely Detest AI-Generated News Articles, Research Shows / #

    Trust or BustA new report by the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism has found that a majority of news consumers are suspicious of AI being used to produce the news — a finding that comes at a time when Google’s newly debuted AI summaries keep making horrendous mistakes, while despite its obvious shortcomings, the technology continues to make inroads into the media industry.

  • #ByeByeElon / #

    47 deutsche Organisationen ziehen sich in einer gemeinsamen Aktion von X zurück: "als Protest gegen zunehmende Hassrede"

1838 results on 92 pages